The Polish Chapter of the Honeynet Project was founded in November 2011. Most of chapter members come from CERT Polska, the national CERT of Poland. We are supported in development of our projects by two members of Network and Information Security Methods Team from Research and Academic Computer Network (NASK). The chapter team is built of young people, determined to share their experience and knowledge of various areas of network and computer security.

The team specializes in developing various applications for honeypot technology, both server- and client-side, as a way of fighting Internet malware. Our system of server-side honeypots - Arakis, monitors malicious activity in Polish networks by means of over 70 sensors located in various parts of the country. Another of our projects - HoneySpider Network, is a system of client honeypots designed to detect web pages attacking users via drive-by download attacks. The system is used on a daily basis to monitor and detect malicious websites in Polish Internet.

Our contribution to the Honeynet Project is not only pure knowledge but also tools that can be used freely by anyone. As a part of development of the HoneySpider Network project we’ve rewritten and improved the original Capture-HPC and created our own version. The second, smaller project still under development, is our tool for Flash files analysis. We hope the tools will be useful and help community in fighting malicious activity on a daily basis.